Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dates, Dates and More Dates!

Every year I ask my children for lists for Christmas ideas.  Every year I wait and wait.  This year one son and DIL said they didn't want anything except date ideas.  Wow!  What was I going to do with that one!?  I thought a while and came up with something I think is really fun. I took 12 large envelopes, 1 for each month of the year, and labeled them.  I used Penny Duncan's shaplies to make the backing for the name of each month.  Thank you Penny!  Then I placed a pocket on the front of each envelope.

In each front pocket I place a card with the instructions for that particular date and inside the envelopes I put the "ingredients" for that date.  Here are just a couple of examples.

For the remaining date ideas, I made a small book and listed them all in that.  It seems that everything is an "ology" anymore, so I titled the book "Dateology".  There are enough ideas for every week of the year with a few left over!

I sure hope they like it...and you too!  Thank you for stopping by to have a peek and have a very Merry Christmas!


  1. I love it! Might I use it? My daughter's birthday is in March and this would be sooooo fun. I'd even come to see you to get the stuff! We need an excuse to get together! Love ya girl!

    1. Of course you can use it! And I would LOVE to see you! But when you ask did I put anything in the boxes, what are you talking about? I am not too clear on that one!

  2. Did you put anything in the boxes? These are darling!