Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Redecorated Basement!

We redecorated our basement Friday (the 13th!) and I wanted to see what all of you thought of it.  Come on, don't be shy.  Let me know what your opinions are...

First we have the family room carpet and decor;

I think the color of the fans match my couch and chair perfectly, don't you?

Second, our exercise room carpet and new decor;

I love this room because of all of the fans that create a maze throughout.  It makes life much more interesting to get to the den and storage room!  Also, one must be very athletic to be able to climb over everything to get to the bedrooms...that seem to loom very far in the distance!

Third, our den;

The focal point of this room is the stunning hole that was cut in the sheet rock under the window.  We now have the other wall that looks identical!  It is such a nice airy look!

And, last, but not least, our storage room!

This room was particularly hard to do as our pressed-wood fire bricks kept falling over when the water hit them!  They seemed to just expand and explode!  Plus, all the fabrics I had picked out for this room were all in the green box and the other very wet box on top of it.

We decided to leave out the 130 gallons of water that were in the basement.  It just didn't seem to make the decorating any easier so it had to go.  I have been able to eliminate some of our less desirable "things" in our house and have down-sized considerably through this redecorating phase.

I haven't even shown you our garage!  It is just full of fun and decorative wet books, rugs, clothing, Christmas "stuff", stuffed animals, quilts, etc.  Isn't it just wonderful?!  I was serious.  Let me know if you think I would make it in the decorating world!  I would love your input!

Have a wonderful day and thanks for checking in!


  1. Oh no!!! I checked the blog yesterday, and though... "where is she!" I see that you have been "decorating!" I think that you should stick to crafting and leave out any more under water decorating!

    1. Really? I was so hoping I was suited for this profession! :)

  2. I guess it didn’t take long for those fans to completely dry the rest of the basement. It seems like there’s still a lot of work to do back then, since most of the stuff were still wet. I hope the revamp went exactly according to your plan.

    Gail Wallace @ Emergency Flood Masters