Monday, August 20, 2012

"Un" Happy Birthday Card!

I am SO unhappy about this card!  I spent about two hours getting it just the way I wanted it!  I embossed the "white" cardstock (which is now yellow), chalked the embossing and tried to get the shading just the way I wanted it, got the "Happy Birthday" just perfect, used more chalk (just a hint of yellow) around the edges, and punched the side.  It was just the way I wanted it....I thought.  Then I got the stupid idea to use some gold glimmer mist on it to make it shiny!  What a mistake!  My husband bought me this glimmer mist for my birthday and I was excited to use it.  I sprayed a couple of sprays into the air before I actually put it on the card just in case there were any "globs" in the sprayer.  Didn't do any good!  My card is a mess now!  There are gold globs all over the card.  Plus, with just a couple of sprays, the "white" face of the card is now yellow.  It doesn't show up in the photo the way I see it.  Don't get me wrong, I love yellow.  It is my favorite color.  I just didn't want the front of my card to be THAT yellow!  I am just sick about it.  I was going to give this to a friend, but not anymore!  My dear husband bought be two other bottles besides this gold one.  I am thinking I am going to just return them all.  I think I will be depressed for a couple of minutes and then get over it and get on with another attempt at making a card!  I hope all of you are having a better day than I am!  Thanks for stopping by and listening to me whine.  I don't do it often. :)

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