Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Bunny Cards

I had fun making these little cards for family.  I got the bunny file from a wonderful member of the Make-the-Cut forum who goes by "Berryone".  It is actually a bunny silhouette file and I just cut out the bunny with my sleek Shadow (Black Cat Lynx), saved the outside and put it on the card, and put the cut out of the bunny on the inside!  Waste not want not is what I always say!

I glued fabric to the backside of the bunny cutout.  I taped that to the outside of the card using my ATG tape runner.  I then outlined the bunny with Stickles and put little adhesive brads on the corners.  For the inside bunny, I inked the edges, glued it in and wrote my sentiment.  I think these will be great for the grandkids!  Here are a couple more I did.

I wanted to keep them simple.  The insides are meant to make it look like the bunnies are hopping...just in case you were wondering!:)  I am sorry the photos are so awful.  Some day (I hope) I may learn how to take good photos.   Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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