Thursday, April 26, 2012


These pics are not the best, but it shows my interim decor between Easter and 4th of July!  It is just nice and Springy with all the fruit.  Even my curtains are fruity!  On the second shelf of the hutch there are two little plates that were made by my sons when they were just little.  They are 15 and 19 right now.  I just cherish them!  They were gifts for Mother's Day.  The other little plates are from tea sets that the boys and my husband have given me over the years.  I used to collect tea sets and had MANY others.  I decided to just keep the ones gifted to me and got rid of the rest.  I need more room in my house and have simplified much over the past few years!  Still not there yet, but working on it!  I hope you all have a terrific week end!  Thanks for stopping by!

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