Saturday, October 6, 2012

And More Projects!

 This entry is going to be very picture heavy but I wanted to show some more of my projects.  I did this on a black charger with the web in silver glitter vinyl.  I put those cute little googly eyes on the spider and it turned out to be the cutest Halloween plate!  I just love it!

 On this charger I just cut out the saying and then cut a grundle of little 1/2-inch circles from purple, white and green vinyl.  I think it is super cute also!

 This was just a three-frame piece that I cut the Boo out of vinyl and the little characters out of paper.

 I had this cool piece of scrapbook paper and found this saying on another piece of scrapbook paper that I had so decided they would go well together!  The saying is done in layered vinyl and the characters in paper.

 My husband cut the wood blocks out and beveled the edges.  I painted them, put the scrapbook paper on them and cut "Wicked!" out of vinyl.  We both love how they turned out!

 This is our favorite Halloween decoration we made!  I drew the witch shoe, my husband cut it out of wood, along with the top and bottom plaques.  I painted everything with glittery paint and it sparkles so nicely!  We glued the top and bottom plaques on the shoe and then placed a black plate on top!  It looks so cute with party treats or cupcakes on it!  I love it!

The next photo is a "Fall" frame that I made.  I put small little yellow glass tiles behind the mat, cut out the letters in brown vinyl, then a rusty orange scrapbook paper, then rust-colored Stickles on top.  It turned out very nicely!

And these last three photos are of my very first craft fair that I did today!  I can safely say that it is my very LAST craft fair also!  Man, I had two weeks to get all of this stuff done and we did pretty well.  I sold most of my Halloween things and about half of my Christmas things.  Not too bad!  I only had space for one table so I did half in Halloween...
 half in Christmas...

 and brought an extra display to put up all the glitter ornaments that I made!  It turned out just fine, but I don't want to do another one!

I forgot to add this tile before the craft fair display.  This is another Kim Bright file and I just love how it turned out!  I used red glitter vinyl and it is stunning when it is turned in the light!

This was quite a long entry today, but I just wanted to show you how much fun I have been having lately, creating, making and selling!  Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful week!


  1. I just love that last pic. I have searched for Kim Bright, but can find that file. Would you mind sending me a link to her page, so i can purchase this file.

    1. Hi Lena! Thanks for visiting my blog. I haven't crafted since my husband got sick, but the last I heard was that Kim can't sell those files anymore because of some legal hassle she was in with a certain company. Her current site address is She doesn't have a ton of things for sale anymore but she has been trying to bounce back. Good luck and thanks again!