Thursday, October 18, 2012

Zebra Butterflies?!

It is my granddaughter's birthday on Halloween Day!  She will be 5 years old!  Wow, all my grandbabies are growing so quickly!  She loves anything animal.  I was told that she loves zebras and butterflies so I decided to mix them and make a wall canvas for her!  I tried applying vinyl zebra strips to the canvas but they would not stick.  I even followed suggestions I found on line about painting the canvas a couple of times first.  I did that and it still didn't stick.  Then about applying Mod Podge.  I did that.  It still didn't stick.  So I went the really easy route and bought fabric!  Doesn't that look nice!?  She has a lot of hot pink in her room so I decided to use hot pink vinyl to make the butterflies.  When I went to buy the hot pink, I found the "Pink Fizz" color at JoAnn's.  It sparkles!  That was enough for me!  I layered a few of the butterflies with the Pink Fizz and made the canvas sparkle a bit!  I got the butterfly file from someone on the MTC forum.  I can't tell you who as I got this shortly after I bought MTC and didn't label my files as to who made them!  I know, dumb me!  Anyway, I do thank whomever made the file so that I could make this beautiful canvas for my granddaughter.  I used MTC to duplicate the butterfly and make various sizes.  Then I cut them out with my Black Cat Lynx.  Such a nice combination to work with!  When I put the single-layer butterflies on the canvas, the zebra stripes showed through just a bit so it makes it look like the butterflies are pink zebra striped!  I didn't plan that, but it is a nice touch!  I hope she likes it!

It was hard to get a good photo without having the glitter vinyl shine.  I tried with a flash (top) and without a flash (bottom).  On some of the butterflies the vinyl looks orange!  I PROMISE it is hot pink!  Thank you for stopping by my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful week!  Just as a side note - today is my 23rd anniversary!  Happy Anniversary to me!  (and my husband!)

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