Monday, November 28, 2011

Advent Calendar

Last night I spent a lovely evening crafting with my daughter and daughter-in-law.  We made these adorable Advent Calendars.  They each chose their papers, I designed a box file, and we happily cut, taped, folded, and chatted the evening away!  At first we were going to put a number on each little box to be opened on the respective day of the countdown to Christmas.  However, we all thought it would be more fun to leave them unmarked so that each day they opened a box, it would be a complete surprise for everyone!  The box to be opened Christmas day has it's own special paper, and there is only one box like it in the entire container.  I only have a closeup of one of them, but aren't they just the cutest?!  I would like to upload the file for the boxes, but I don't know how!  I will do some research and see if I can get it to work!  If you would like it, please contact me by email.  Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day!

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