Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas Ornament...another one!

Here is my husband's latest!  He has been very busy in his shop turning out more and more beautiful ornaments.  This one is made out of apple wood (I think!) and he has made it completely hollowed out so you can see the bell from all four sides.  Breathtaking!  Thank you for stopping by to take a peek and have a wonderful day!


  1. Oh my goodness, you have been such a busy (and creative crafter!) I have been totally absent from the blogging world for a little bit, but it was so fun to look back on all of the awesome things that you have been up to! I can't wait to try the lemon squares, all of the ornaments are turning out gorgeous... Ned is very talented, and I love the idea of the cake plate, I totally going to do that! I had to laugh when I read about Ned saying "you can just make him a card real quick..." That must mean that you make it look easy! Brinley was putting up the ornaments that you made for us last year and she said "oh, I just love these ones so much! Grandma Shirley sure is a good baker!" Ha Ha!

  2. Thank you Shae! You tell Brinley I will "bake" for her any time she wants me to! :)