Friday, November 11, 2011

"Corn" Bread

I love to cook, and bake, and make, and eat!  One of my favorite things to make is my bread.  Last night we were having clam chowder for dinner so I whipped up some bread in my trusty Bosch Bread maker and decided to make a fun sculpture with it.  I tried making an ear of corn.  It looked really good after I had gotten it all shaped and ready to raise.  However, after raising, my "corn rows" weren't quite as pronounced.  Let me tell you, though, that none of that affected the way it tasted!  My family is always ready for some good old fashioned homemade bread!  They gobbled away without giving much thought to how it looked!  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek!  Have a great day!


  1. so cute Shirley! I hope those men at your house appreciated the cute factor of your bread!

  2. Thanks Keri! You know, I think they just wonder what the heck Mom is doing most of the time! They do love eating it, however, so that makes me very happy!